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Hello everyone, I had never posted on this site before, so first of all thanks in advance for any information you can provide :)
You see, I'm planning on buying a new gaming PC, as the one I currently own is getting old. I am buying on a tight budget an, unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea about building a computer, so buying the pieces of a computer and assembling them together isn't an option.
Anyway, after looking extensively for cheap assembled computers, I have come down to two options that are within my budget and seem to be the most powerful. The only real difference between the two systems are the CPU and the GPU, as the rest of the assets are pretty much equal. So if you could advise me on this final decision, I would be really grateful.

Anyway, down to the issue, one computer has a Pentium G860 and a HD6770 graphic card, whilst the other has an AMD AM3 Athlon II X4-640 CPU and an Nvidia GFX 550 ti graphic card.

So, which one do you think will perform better on most modern games? I plan on playing games like Battlefield 3 or Skyrim on high settings (hopefully)...
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  1. I hate to say you won't be playing on high settings but you will be playing on med to low and you will be able to play. Even the normal requirements and both the set ups are real close.

    But it puts you at med and depending what your resolution you will be gaming at will come into play. You probably would do better with the GTX 550 Ti one and a 4 core CPU.

    Both rigs are very close. So I will put up a few things to check out and maybe it will help you solve your problem. I will link you to some stuff and maybe it will help you. I can see your budget is very small.

    But anyway it is what it is so I hope this helps you. Good luck to you and I hope you will get one of the rigs so it will play the way you want it to.

    6770 vs 550 Ti. The 6770 is a rebadg of the 5770, the only thing different is the numbers 6770, and 5770.

    The system requirments of BF3

    System requirements of Skyrim

    The hierarchy of CPU's

    Bare bone kits
  2. Unfortunately that's the problem with buying gaming PCs, you can't get a descent one without spend over 1500$, that's why building one is the way to go! Before I built my first PC I hadn't even seen a computer from the inside, but in a few weeks I did my research, learned the parts and I managed to put it together by myself in a 2day span. If you put some effort into it you can seriously get a great machine! If you really don't want that then DM186 has the best answer for you.
  3. +1 to DM186 they are both similar in performance
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