User/downloads folder

got a question about users/owner/downloads and user/public/dowloads folder

ok when i download somthing it goes to that little popup list and says downloaded and its stored in one of these folders

once i install whatever it was it goes to that place so but its still in the downloads folders

do any of you regularly empty these folders?? i did today there where like ten million thing but after i deleted them there where still where they are when i use them so is this like a temp folder or somthing??
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  1. When you install a program it copies its files to the destination folder (normally somewhere in "Program File"). But the installation program will still remain; you can either delete it or keep it in case you ever need to reinstall. In a sense the downloads folder is a temp folder - it's just the default place that downloaded files are stored to. But it's up to you to manage it and either move the files somewhere more meanginful to you or delete them if no longer needed.
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