Hi, my laptop is hp DV6-6c50 with
Corei7 cpu
6mb cache
4gb ram
ati 7690 2gb gpu
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits
and i still have problems playing this game, when im playing, It freezes for a second and then goes on again.
I tried setting low quality graphics but still the same :(
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  1. GTA 4 runs like crap on pc and even hi-end computers but is your game up to date?
  2. patching to 1.4 is about as much as you can do. reduce the draw distance and hope thats enough... remeber to restart the game fully after each tweak to see if it works. as some of them wont actually enable until a retart. for some reason this nugget got lost when you change some settings.
  3. GTA 4 = bad ported. You laptop will struggle but try updating the game to 1.4 or 1.7 it really helps a bit.
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