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Hi all.

What is the best version of Amra 2 for the Dayz Mod?
Arma 2 (plain mid 2009),
Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead (nid 2010)
Arma X,
Arma 2 Military company,
Arma 2 British Amed Forces ??

Can I use the Free version with the Mod - and end up with a complete game?
Guessing no single player version.

I'm guessing the new Dayz "title" won't be out unitl the time of Arma 3.
I hope to quickly win (finish) Rage and stop waisting time with it so I can get started with Arma..


Found this on Steam:
Day Z Mod requires Arma II: Combined Operations which is made up of Arma II and Arma II: Operation Arrowhead
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  1. You MUST have Operation Arrowhead and you have to play it but I know people that say you can get the original ArmA 2 free version with Arrowhead and play DayZ. Not sure if there's any issue with that. Alternatively you can buy combined ops for $30 vs the $20 of just Operation Arrowhead.

    They could be less but I paid $30 for the whole package.

    And no single player version. It would be interesting but rather uninteresting since the zombies are very alert and you'd be spending hours sneaking past them alone. Try playing with friends.

    My friends and I got a team of 6 and that just encourages you to go ahead and shoot what you want. Zombies no longer become an issue.
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    It works with Operation Arrowhead and ARMA II Free you just need to google that to see how you install it (you just have to move a folder from ARMA II free)

    I use ARMA II free, Operation arrowhead, and private military company... if you dont have Private Military Company the player model will be low res as it uses a model from PMC
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