Need friends to play bf3!

Hey guys a couple weeks ago i started to get into pc gaming and built my computer. I am in need of some friends to play bf3. I just got my 20 hours in the jet trophy/ribbin i would be very happy if i could have some friends to play with on a daily basis. I have a mic and skype and teamspeak. if you want to play then just reply on this thread :D
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  1. What part the world you in?
  2. north america/usa
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    I'm not promoting my clan but we play BF3 on a regular basis. Feel free to check out

    Most of us are in the Eastern Time zone. We use teamspeak and although we're not a competitive clan, some of us are try-hards. So...

    Obviously, we're all PC gamers. Also, the clan's current hits as of late are BF3 (obviously) but some of us get together for some DayZ action. I've even seen some people gathering for some Minecraft shananigans a few days ago. We're pretty random i guess.

    Check us out?
  4. sure ill check you out how do i get in?
  5. Spicy_benie said:
    sure ill check you out how do i get in?

    Just go in the "Recruiting" section and fill up the short application form (basically asks who you are, how you heard of GR, the games you play, and so on.). It'll take less than 2 mins to fill (you can say Les Stroud sent you). Admin will reply back with your info.

    If you're interested, just make sure you have TeamSpeak installed and we'll hook you up from there...
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  7. Spicy_benie said:
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    nHope you're enjoying GR. Catch you on Teamspeak soon.
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