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Well like many people who are heavy PC gamers, I find myself always looking for a perfect chair / desk combination so that long hours gaming are as enjoyable as possible.

I've always stayed in the $150 to $250 office "executive" style office chairs, but they've always seemed lacking imo. Especially when compared to a nice plush recliner.

I'm trying to either find a pre-made chair, or mod a chair, to have the feel of a lazy-boy recliner but still work well with a PC desk.

I have an awesome desk, L shaped glass desk that I really like, Lots of room for PC, Monitor (or multi monitor setups), keyboard, mouse and side-part for food and drinks and such.

Here is a picture of my current set up.

I'm looking for a recliner type chair, gaming chair, or some sort of mod that would allow me to use a softer, more relaxing chair in front of my PC desk.

If anyone has a good recommendation or links that would help me in my search, i'd really appreciate it. My current idea is to get a recliner type chair and attach caster-wheels on to the bottom of it.

Any ideas or links to products that you like would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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    My gaming throne. Comfy as hell though looks like crap
  2. It looks comfy because it naturally leans back, taking a lot of pressure off. I found that my office chair set ups became 10x more comfortable as soon as I learned to put a foot rest under it and lean back.

    But I'm looking for a nice recliner mod or super special PC gaming chair.

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas or owns something super nice? :P

    (Not picking on your ikea chair man, just looking for something... More) :)
  3. I am sure everyone has seen this already.

    But if I had the money, this is what I would get. :)

  4. I replaced the seats in my Jaguar XJ6 like 10 years ago and when I did I built a wood base for the old one and used that as a gaming chair, it was pretty sweet but was old to begin with and the leather eventually dried up and cracked and I threw it out. Been thinking of going to an import junkyard and trying to find a really nice leather bucket seat from to do the same thing with, only this time wiring a 12v power supply in so they would still be fully adjustable.
  5. @SardonicJester I would consider that if I had a bit more money. But It doesn't look extremely comfortable, just really cool.

    Benski - Any pictures you can show me with what you're talking about? A sort of modded car seat? Sounds interesting. But I need to see it in a pic to see if it fits what I'm looking for.
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