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Super Quiet Case Techniques?

Last response: in Overclocking
March 20, 2002 3:49:01 PM

With all the fuss about needing tons of fans in your case to keep stuff from frying, noise has become an issue. I HATE to hear loud fans all the time.

Has anyone used sound dampening material on the inside of your case?

What about rubber washers between the case and the fan where they screw in?

Any ideas on how to minimize sound issues?
March 20, 2002 4:50:46 PM

both those techniques will reduce noise a little...
the sound material will probably work better than the washers, but both in conjunction will be pretty good.
you also might look into running the fans at 7 volts instead of 12.
to do this, you hook the fan up to the red and the yellow wire.
there are posts in here about how to do is pretty simple, and should drop the fan noise by half...without damaging the fan. :smile:


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March 20, 2002 5:54:35 PM

use dynamat, its used in cars for high performance audio equipment. its an exelent noise deadener, its like the stuff they use in submarines. you should be able to get enough for 15 bucks, i think.

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March 20, 2002 7:28:44 PM

Check out some of the products <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A>

They provide most noise reduction features.

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a b K Overclocking
March 25, 2002 12:54:11 AM

I have an Antec sx1030 case and with 5 80mm case fans and a heatsink fan, the case is very loud. I searched the web for ideas on how to decrease the noise produced and I found 2 ideas that really interested me. 1.htm had an article about spraying the sides of your case with rubberized undercoating. And had an article about fixing mousepads to the panels of your computer to decrease vibrations.

I sprayed 3 layers of rubberized undercoating on the side panels. The panels are noticeably heavier and make a dull thud noise when tapped as opposed to clanging noise they used to make. I bought 5 mousepads and spray glue mounted them to the top, bottom and the area next to my ATX motherboard. I also put rubber grommets between my heatsink and fan. That eliminated a whine that was produced even thought the fan was tightly screwed to the heatsink.

After performing both of these I noticed a great reduction in sound. The higher frequencies have been eliminated and all I can hear now is the sound of airflow. I was worried that my system temperatures would increase, but they haven't. I recommend both of these ideas to anyone wanting to cut the noise on their computer. My next move is going to replace all the 80mm fans with panaflos and install a 120mm blowhole or two. I hope this helps!
March 25, 2002 6:43:26 PM

What fan are you going to use for the blowholes?

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a b K Overclocking
March 26, 2002 1:56:51 AM

I was thinking about putting a blowhole in the middle of the case on the bottom and another in the middle of the case on the top. I am planning on using 2 120mm Panaflo Low fans.

In my last post I forgot to mention I was going to convert my heatsink fan from 60mm to 80mm to further cut down on noise.
March 26, 2002 3:19:26 AM

What are so good about Lian Li Cases ?

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March 26, 2002 9:43:28 PM

Lian_le cases are built with guys (and gals) who build computers in mind. They're light weight (important for hauling to LAN parties) great airflow via 3 case fans that are included - the front two are speed variable. All thumbscrews. The front bay covers now don't even require screws - they pop into place. One of my favorites though is the case button disconnect. This allows you to plug in the power switch, etc into the pins on the mobo with the mobo/shelf assembly completely out of the case. This is sooooo nice!!

If you gonna do any upgrades or if you dig around in you case quite a bit, this is the case for you. I love mine...
March 28, 2002 5:20:33 AM

wow i didn't know they were that good, which Lian li case do you recommend...i like that Silver looking one.... what places sell them for a good price ?

Once you go AMD, You never go back!