Im trying to Connect my linksy gaming modem(forps3) to my new belkin routher and

I just recently bought a new wireless router (belkin N600) and was able to connect to my cable modem and obtain internet access to my laptops and phones.. How Ever for my ps3,, i have one of the first editions(with out modem built in) and had to get a gaming modem(Linksy wga54g) i was able to connect it to my old wireless router but this new one is password protected and i do know the password, but no where on my ps3 does it say its detected nor for a password entry. I am able to access all the info (ip, subnet etc.. for the belikin. PLZ HELPP

how can i connect my ps3 to my new wireless router using my gaming modem/adaptor
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  1. is this gaming modem designed to work with your PS3? Check the manual that came with the modem, it will tell you the default password...

    with all that said, I do not believe PS3 needs a separate modem, as long as you got your cable modem that should be the only one you need
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