Random games not working on windows 7 32 bit


I've been having gaming issues for a long time now on my laptop.
I've got -Windows 7 Professional
-32 bit
- Fujitsu Laptop
70% of the games I install work perfectly, but others (like ALL the battlefield series games (vietnam, 2,...) don't. They install just normally, but when I try to run them, the screen turns black (like when a games is starting) and after a few seconds just closes and I'm back on my desktop.
Another game; American Conquest, used to work fine once, but when I run it now the graphics are all messed up (all colors of the rainbow appear).
I've been searching the internet and I've tried a lot of things so far; compatibility mode, run as administrator, and so on... Nothing worked so far.

So if someone knows how to fix it and is able to explain it in simple words, please do so, because it's becoming really really annoying.
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  1. chances are your system isnt up to spec. unless its a new i3 laptop with a 450m or better then you are gonna struggle playing any new high end game.
    you may get away with games like cod 4 but bf3 is in a different league when it comes to system demands.
    you need to benchmark your gfx and see where it sits. if its below 3.3 on wie for instance it will be 2 weak for gaming. if its under 4 then you will still have fps issues although most games should still work. but to get bf3 to run properly you will need a score of 4.6 or above. minimum dx10 support 512mb of vram and 2 gigs of ram.
    32bit is fine for gaming atm although e.a have announced bf4 may be 64bit only. so sooner rather than later you are gonna be under spec if you arent already.
  2. I ran a full benchmark test on Performancetest 7.0 and had a Passmark rating of 444? I don't really know what that means, but when I compared it to other laptops it seemed like a moderate score. About bf3; I didn't try bf3 but bf2, bf 2134 or something like that and battlefield vietnam. I find it hard to believe that this laptop from 2010 wouldn't be able to run vietnam when a desktop from 2005 could.

    PS.: perhaps you can make something out of this: a part of the test was about 3D graphics, and every sub-part of that one scored well, except for the 'directx 10' part. That scored about 1/10.
    Since I thought directx was just a program I don't see how it could have different scores on different computers?
  3. Are those legit versions of games?
  4. direct x is both an audio and video/gfx api... basically it just told you you dont have any gfx power apart from the basics needed to work the screen...
    make sure you have the gfx drivers installed and updated and then install direct x latest version
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