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What is the maximum heat a Atlon Xp Processor can tolerate?
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  1. i read that somewhere in this forum....
    i think it was 90C...but im not sure...anyways...your cpu temps shouldnt be a problem as long as they stay below 65C.

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  2. AMD claims their XP's can run up to 90 C. Well I'd shut down well before that temp. You can read the tech sheet at AMD's web site, just do a search for CPU Temp you'll find it. From what I've seen and read the XP's tend to run in 50-60 Celsius range unless you're using a heavy duty heatsink, as in my case with the MCX462 I run from 36-44 depending on ambient temps and what i'm doing at the moment. If you have a monitor built into your BIOS I'd set the warning for 5 degrees above what your 'average temp is' and you should be in good shape. If you're running at 60+ on a regular basis, I'd invest in some case air flow components or a better heatsink.

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  3. If you plan on overclocking, think about getting a heavy duty heatsink, or you wont get too far (like gains of # and P of clock speed for the AXP). If you are just running a stock AXP, don't worry too much about cooling, they can take 60 celsius and sometimes 65 celsius, albeit they are generally a little unreliable at that level. I'd shoot for about 50-60 celsius to operate.

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  4. This site has an article about the P4, XP and heat. I think they say around 80 Degrees is where things start to go bad.

    Look it up.

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  5. Read it. In experience though, I can't get any of my systems fully stable at temps above 60 celsius. Perhaps about 75 percent stability rate. Or in other words, run the system at 60 degrees for about an hour before crash/lockup/ect. They can run at 80, maybe even 90, but at that level, you are talking about the death of the processor. Btw, unless the thermal diode fails in the P4, it will not go too far above 50 or so celsius. Remember? It throttles down to preserve the health of the P4. If it DID fail, and it went above 60 celsius, then the P4 is in trouble too.

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  6. I agree entirely. I was under the impression michaelsil1 was asking about the maximum temp a cpu could take until it burns.

    But I wouldn't run anything above 50 ~ 55 either. My XP 1600 (overclocked to a 2000+) runs at 47 ~ 49--which is a little high for my taste. My board will prompt me if the cpu goes above 65, but that is the minimum setting. So, though I wouldn't recommend it, I think things could operate stably up to 60 or so.

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  7. i have afriend that has a p4 that goes to 70c all the time under full load

    yes it is an oem setup but his chip is still going

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  8. I have to agree with the heat sink part. I f you have a crappy sink amd can skyrocket in heat under virtualy no load. This was a problem of a friend of mine. Never use a h sink that recmended by a retailer, cos mst of them are crappy. The Dragon Orb is the best, Keep the temp nice and low.

  9. Also if ure gonna do something serious i would consider water cooling, very effective.

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  10. Well, i'm just comparing the heat here of several dells I know my friends have. I have one friend with a dimension 8100, PIV 1.5Ghz. I took off the heatsink, and it ratchated down at roughly 55, and crawling at like 60 under a full load (Multi-games at same time). Other one I know was a compaq model...not sure of make, PIV 1.6Ghz. Actually, that one almost did get around 70, roughly 65 before it kicked in the thermal diode. My point-the Oem fan is relatively crappy, get a half decent one. Even if you only spend 5 or 10 bucks, get something better.

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