OC'd XP 1600 to 2000+ but experiencing heat spikes

I just overclocked my XP 1600 (1.4 Ghz) to an XP 2000+ (1.67 Ghz). I am using a Thermaltek Volcano 5 HSF. Before overclocking my system ran around 40 deg. Cel. Now it is running at 47 ~ 48 deg. Cel consistently. I did not have to boost the CPU voltage to overclock this high. But now, every half hour or so, my CPU jumps from 47 deg. to 138 deg. and then right back down again (the entire ordeal lasts about 3 seconds).

So I am looking at a huge heat spike, one that should be burning up my CPU. I don't experience any errors or noticeable performance degradation.

Anyone know why?

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  1. Sounds like a monitoring problem with your heat monitoring program. If that 138 is on the C scale, then yes, I'd say your chip should have been toasted and the Fire Dept would have been called. 138C = 280F which is hot enough to start a small fire with the right materials.

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  2. i've posted a reply on the "coolings and heatsinks" section about your problem already but i'll post it again here

    "your cooling is not effective enough,use the volcano 7 or the swiftech range. and the only reason for the heat spike that i can think of is that there maybe somthing wrong with your heatink's fan. one second it's running fine,cools your cpu to 47 c, one second it's running slow or even stops, causes your cpu temp to thor, if your cpu really is experiencing 138 degree every half and hr, chances are it's already been damaged by overheating. xp processor can withstand 90c, anything higher than that,it'll suffer from heat damage, my advice to you would be to get a new HSF and AS3, since you are pushing your 1.6 to the limit"
  3. Well, in addition to having problems with heat spikes I was also having electrical problems. My voltages would also drop considerably (say from 12 down to 7) and then back up. I read somewhere in here that someone else was having the same problem and that it could be attributed to not having all the screws screwed into your motherboard. Without all the screws screwed in there would not be enough grounding, or something like that.

    So last night, while screwing around with my computer, I put all the screws in (I didn't do it before because I was lazy). I have been running my system now for at least half an hour, and I haven't had any heat spikes or voltage drops.

    I hope this fixed it, and I hope it didn't screw up my cpu.

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  4. Check your surge protector/power strip as well. I've had a case where a friend had a very used 20 year old power surge protector that was at fault the whole time. Caused crashing and instability.

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  5. I was just going to say when I overclock my CPU to much it brings my +5 volt line below 4.7. When this happens my system is unstable and I get false temperature and fan readings in BIOS. I saw something like "1A7" (not a typo) degrees and 3 RPM.

    Hope you found your problem. You might want to redo the motherboard and make sure there aren't any stray standoffs. If they don't mate with a mounting hole on the motherboard they could be shorting against a solder pin.

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  6. Id say go with a Dragon Orb 3, which costs about $25. Also how many case fans do you have? Those are cheap, fill up as many slots as you have with fans. The more fans the better. With proper cooling (air) and a good mobo you should be able to get that to the level of a 2100 no prob. Also is there a thermal compound between your HSF and CPU. A thermal compound is a paste that efficiently conducts heat from your CPU to your HSF. It can lower the temp by up to 10%. If you do not have any, try Arctic Silver. Even if you do have some, maybe you should re apply some new paste. That stuff dosnt last forever.

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