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I've seriously got into my gaming recently since I built my new machine. I have bought a Logitech G15 and G500 already and now it's time to upgrade my headset.

I want wireless. I want an all in 1 unit, I just don't fancy having a separate mic. My budget is around £100. I've been looking at either the Logitech G930 or the Corsair Vengeance 2000, which would you suggest from the 2, or can you suggest better?

thanks for any help :)
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  1. I am not knocking logitech, I own a bunch of their products, but the 2 pairs I owned before my Razers were Logitech and they didnt come close to the same comfort level. The Corsairs are made of the same material as my Carcharias and they got a good review so I would recommend those.

    Here is a couple of wireless products from Razer as other options if your interested: $129 (out of stock currently) $199 a little more than you wanted to spend
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