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I am having issues with prototype 2, firstly I noticed the RAM use was very high. People using windows 32 bit were having all 4 gig used. I have 8 gig but the game is still lagging. I have 2 6900 in crossfire and a 4 gig quad. i downloaded some updated profiles from ATI and this seems to have helped but I get a total crash and have to reboot.

This game is awesome and it is very frustrating I cant play it. People are having issues at the lowest resolution with better rigs than mine. The game was also causing my CPU to become uncomfortably hot. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Did the game every launch successfully for you at one point?

    This may not be a complete solution to the problem but it might work for you. Here's what allows me to play the game until I close the game and open it up again, at which point I need to repeat these steps each time before I can play smoothly.

    1.) Navigate to the following location on your computer.
    - C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\Activision\Prototype 2

    2.) Delete or move profile.bin from the folder. This directory must not contain this file when you load up the game.

    - Note: leave the slot-A.bin, slot-B.bin etc files alone, this should be your saved progress if you have any.

    3.) Load the game and reconfigure your graphic settings in-game, they will be set to the game's defaults after these steps.

    4.) Play

    This might help for people that say they need to reinstall the game to get the game to run each time. I believe the profile.bin file goes corrupt in some way, as this always seems to resolve the issue when I delete it and allow the game to generate a fresh one.
  2. Thanks but I have finally cracked it, I got new profiles from ATI and OC my processor and it seems to have fixed it. Thanks for taking the time to help though as I know this is a frustrating problem.
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