Please Read: ECC ram slower than non???

I recently purchased a stick of Kingston DDR266 ram, CL 2.5. Non ECC, unbuffered. When it arrived the label on the ram said it was ECC, CL 2.0. It is however unbuffered. Ive heard that ECC ram is slower than non-ECC ram. Is this true, even though its unbuffered and CL 2.0??? If so is it significant??

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  1. Yes ECC RAM is slower then normal RAM with the same speed and CAS setting, this is because there will be an error check which takes some time, but the difference will probably not be that high.

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  2. Hopefully in your BIOS settings you will have the option of disabling the ECC setting so as to make your RAM act like normal non-ECC RAM. My A7V266-E has this option in the BIOS settings and I left it disabled. (not even sure if I have ECC RAM, but not going to worry about it due to the ECC process taking more time)

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