Controller not recognised on Crysis

I am using Win7 and have just installed Crysis and a USB Controller. Crysis dose not recognise the controller for some reason. Any one help?
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  1. is it an xbox 360 controller?
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  2. No its a pc I bought it specifically for the PC and Windows recognises it and all buttons work fine
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  3. crysis has native support for the xbox controller FYI
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  4. Try an Xbox controller emulator. Just google it
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  5. Try downloading the drivers from the Microsoft website or if other games work.fine with the controller already, try updating Crysis. Best I could help sorry.
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  6. Hi there,

    Most of the PC games support the XBOX360 Controller for Windows only for the best experience, you can't play them with a normal usb controller.

    Cheers, Sprunk95
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  7. My new xbox ? bluetooth or wifi controller although being seen in my windows 8.1 add devices and adds and calibrates with no problem will seemingly not work with crysis 3
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