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Hey guys. I've had skyrim for my pc for around a month and a half now with no problems (other than the sound fix and expanding the 2gb to 4gb to run without CTD).
A few days ago I was in my Breezehome and it started to lag horribly, I had been playing for a few hours by then. It got so bad within the next minute that I just closed the game all together.
Restarting it, a few minutes of playing, and slowly but surely (within a minute) the game starts to extremely lag, to the point that it's unplayable. I've had the mods downloaded since I got the game, and any recent mods I had I uninstalled. I just bought dawnguard too.
I really want to be able to at least TALK to the dawnguard folks lol, I can't even make it 5 minutes into the game.
What kind of information about my pc do you guys need? And where will I be able to find it :??: I've never known where to find specs.
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  1. get gpu-z, real temp,hw monitor and collect some temp info's
    sounds like your over heating somewhere... probably cpu or gpu... set it to log in background.
    run all 3 in the background while you play and play till you get the slowdown
    then check the max temps... dont keep swapping back and forth just wait
  2. Yup definitely an overheating problem, I'm guessing your CPU or GPU cooler is starting to malfunction. Do what HEXiT said, then we can isolate weather it's your CPU or GPU.
  3. before skyrim after skyrim LOL looks like it's obvious what the problem is now.. how do i go about resolving it?
  4. Get a better GPU, 610 is not a gaming card.
  5. The graphics card being over 100C looks like the problem but you need to scroll down on HW Monitor to see the most useful info. I see its a Lenovo PC if its still in Warranty I would return it if not the problem could be a faulty fan on the GPU or very bad case cooling (or you have it next to a radiator thats on). The GT610 you have is also a very weak card so I am fairly surprised you can play it at all without bad lag but the temperature is the problem.
  6. About the temperature, will placing a fan next to my pc pointed to the inside of it work? Or adding another fan? I no longer have a job so anything I can do temporarily would be great. Cards are pretty expensive if you want a good one, plus I was told id have to upgrade everything else in my pc so nothing overheats (like now)
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    taking the side of the case off and having a desk fan blowing into it will help as a temporary fix, adding a case fan will help as long as the problem is not with the graphics card. Also chec kif there is alot of dust or anything blocking any case fans or the GPU fan.
  8. I used the air compressor on a very low setting and aired it out, a good bit of dusk came out with it. Along with that, I took the side off and put a desk fan next to it. I was able to play skyrim nonstop for a few hours surprisingly. Not sure what the temperature was last night to make it lag, but today I saw online that the max temp for my card should be 103C, and now it's averaging in the 40's. I guess cleaning the inside really worked, thanks guys.
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