Lock-ups and they seem pretty random

I think this is the right subforum to post this, anyway....

Ive been experiencing these weird lockups lately. I can play games normally for some period of time but then out of nowhere lock-up, can't alt-f4, can't bring up task manager, nothing except reset/power button. While its locked-up its also on infinite audio loop that sounds like: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and so on.

I have cleaned my PC when it started to happen no difference. I'm thinking a conflict between audio drivers? I have AMD High Definition Audio Device and Realtek High Definition Audio under device manager for sound devices.

Temperatures are not the problem, GPU ain't overclocked but CPU is and its proven stable.
Maybe this might help but i seem to get these freezes while broadcasting my gameplay via Xfire.

Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks!
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  1. Try reverting CPU overclock. If the lockups continue, try checking memory (you can download the checking tool from www.memtest.org ).
  2. I seriously doubt its CPU since everything worked normally for more than half of year. Lockups are recent. Also what about my PSU it seems weak 550W...
  3. Whats your full system spec? What stability tests did you do on the overclock? Have you checked what temps things are running at. Try running memtest to check your RAM is stable.
  4. had a similar problem when my memory was unstable. due to an unstable oc... this can also show up on cpu's that use turbo boost if the mem cant keep up with the increase of cpu speed. if the multiplier goes to high.
  5. Just because the CPU has been stable for a year it doesn't mean it's still stable. Things change. Just testing that theory won't hurt you, will it?
  6. The point is i can play BF3 with no lock ups, but as soon as i go arma2+broadcast it locks up
  7. When I had unstable RAM on my GPU it only crashed some games and others just as demanding ran fine. Just run memtest to check your RAM is stable and if it is run Prime 95 or Intel Burn test to check the CPU is stable. Also post your system specs.
  8. PC specs:
    CPU: Quad Core Q8300
    GPU: ATI AMD HD4870 512mb
    RAM: 4GB
    PSU: 550W
    OS: Win7 Ultimate

    I will check the stability later today need to do some stuff first ;)
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