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Games Are Crashing And Restarting The Computer

hi everybody,
i have some games that not working, i have counter strike source and battlefield 2. both not working, i have crysis 2 that works. im runing the game on other computer, not the one in my system specs. when i start the game, 2-3 seconds and the games crashes to black screen, and the computer is restarting, it never happend to me before, and both were runing well on my computer... lately i installed minecraft and i had to update my java. i think after the update the computer started to make problems... plz help me!
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  1. Is your computer getting hot ? Or the PSU is failing. Maybe driver issues. Tried reinstall games?
  2. remove the factory overclock on the card
  3. Please state computer specs..
  4. in signature?
  5. He said he's running it on different computer than in signature.
  6. oops, my bad, well spotted. my first thought was specs, saw them, stopped asking.
  7. computer specs: CPU core 2 dou GPU: hd 4850 512mb factory overclocked RAM: 4gb ddr 2 OS: windows xp proffesional build 2600 if any thing needed tell me
  8. temps please, during game.
  9. Also, what's the power supply unit?
  10. 13thmonkey said:
    temps please, during game.

    i cant measure it, i cant play the game
  11. are those all dx11 games? and thats a dx9? card?
  12. That's a DX10 card.

    What about idle temps? What about the power supply?
  13. would the 512Mb of vram be causing an issue?
  14. No way lack of VRAM would crash the program. The games got protection for that.
  15. Best answer
    remove the factory OC on the GPU. Are you playing it in dx9 mode, did xp ever support dx10? you may have to fiddle with the game to force dx9/
  16. That might be, Windows XP does not support DirectX 10 for sure. Try forcing DX9.
  17. One thing that could be worth doing is cleaning some dust out. I was on the verge of insanity when my completely able pc was crashing on all sorts of games. I couldnt figure it out. Turns out the gpu was quite full of dust, i removed the cover, cleaned it out and havent had any problems since
  18. i was playing before DX10 games and they were running very well... but i will try
  19. Windows XP Service Pack 3 supports DX10 if you add a file to windows/system32/
  20. zivhadad1 said:
    Windows XP Service Pack 3 supports DX10 if you add a file to windows/system32/

    and this is approved by microsoft? if not try removing it?
  21. No it's not approved by microsoft, and I bet that's why you have those crashes. Actually, I tried getting that myself when I didn't want to upgrade to windows vista, but ended up reinstalling OS because that DirectX 10 'fix' made my PC very unstable.

    If you want to play DX 10 games, get windows 7 man.
  22. My brother used to run BF2 on a 512Mb 4870 and Windows XP so that is not the problem. Sorry I can't tell you what is though.
  23. Sunius said:
    That might be, Windows XP does not support DirectX 10 for sure. Try forcing DX9.

    how to force the gpu to use directX 9?
  24. guys, ive found the problem!... the anti alising was on x8, when i turned it on 2 its ok, when more, still crashes, can someone help me solve this?
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