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I remember an old story...
My friend bought last summer a 1.1 GHz Thunderbird system from a clone shop, and they gave him a crap heatsink, that is even worse than my retail AMD Duron 650 hsf. The funny thing is that according to his A7V sensor, the CPU was at 75C (LOL!!!) under full load, but still stable. I got him a new hsf soon after, and the temps were then at 55C, but I was wondering if his CPU is a sample of a mighty unit that runs stable at high temps, or it is just that any Tbird can run that hot.

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  1. thats pretty crazy...but T.birds in general run extremely hot..my friends with a good heatsink and silver thermal paste runs at times about 60

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  2. Tbirds can have a temp of 90 C before they get damaged, but most CPU get unstable if pass 65 C.

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  3. So then does that mean his Thunderbird would be suitable for extreme overclocking with a good hsf?

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  4. Depends on what you mean by "extreme overclocking" but I would guess that your friend will be very successful overclocking that Tbird.

    I have a Tbird 1.0 overclocked to 1.5 ghz, air cooled, 40-48 degrees C. It's stepping AYHJAR-Y, week 36 (if I remember right). Your friend's might be the same stepping or perhaps the earlier AYHJA or AXIAR, all good overclockers, usually.


    Just realized your friend has an A7V which probably means the vendor installed a 200mhz Tbird. I don't think these were available with the later steppings and probably won't overclock as well as the 266mhz Tbirds. It should still overclock, just don't know how much.

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