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First time in overclocking Athlon XP1700+ - Help!

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March 30, 2002 12:48:03 PM

I am about to overclock my AMD Athlon XP1700+ using the FSB method but how high can I go? The highest FSB setting is 161 and my current temp is 43C. If I set my FSB TO 161, I get a Athlon XP2100+ right? Wil I notice the performance increase?
Thanks - any help greatly appreciated


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March 30, 2002 1:36:27 PM

That mainly depends on the stability of your setup/components. In my case with my Abit KR7A and DDR2400 I can only get to 150FSB(1.640Ghz or an XP1900). My system posts at higher speeds, but locks up during Windows load. Whether it's my RAM or another component I cant say. All you can do is work your way up and see what it will allow you to run/run stably at. I can get my XP to post at 1.7Ghz+, but cannot enter windows fully. So it's unusable. Step it up 2 Mhz a time via the FSB until you can go no more and see what your rig allows. That's all you can really do.

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March 30, 2002 2:00:40 PM

You can't just set the FSB that high especially when you don't have a 333 MHz RAM able board or PC2700 RAM, otherwise your memory will be overclcoked to high or the PCI bus will get extremely high. Also if you OC you CPU that high temps will rise much higher then the current ones also you will need to increase the VCore for stability resulting in even higher temps, you will need very good cooling to reach that.
Just OC the FSB a couple of MHz a time and tests if it will boot and if it is stable, you have a 266 MHz mobo so keep in mind that the PCI speed is 1/4 of the FSB, so OC'ing the FSB 1 MHz will result in OC'ing the PCI bus 1/4 MHz, you don't want to get your PCI bus over 40 MHz otherwise PCI cards are lickely to fail. If you have PC2400 RAM you don't have to worry for RAM problems with the higher FSB, but PC2100 RAM will run higher then normal if you OC over 133 MHz, especially generic cheap RAM doesn't like this.

Good luck.

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