Help with HDMI Problem on Xbox 360?

Hi, recently, I've bought an HDMI cable for my Xbox 360. So far, I've been loving the better quality of the cable however it comes with a problem, when I'm on the Xbox, randomly the screen goes black and the sound turns off (at the same time). Though it's random, i'd say that it mostly happens every 5-10 minutes. Here's a video to show you what I mean:

I would like to know what is causing the problem and if there is a fix. I really hope it's not the TV, though there's a good chance it is. The TV is probably somewhere around 5-7 years old so it's not the newest TV but it's not to old either. I'm sure I have everything hooked up correctly and I wired and rewired everything multiple times but the problems persist. The reason I bought a HDMI cable is because I want to get a gaming PC however I have to wait a while to see if I really want to spend the money on it and I wanted anything to make the console graphics quality better. I still am shooting for the PC, but now I want to get this cable situation settled out. If it is in fact the TV, do you think I should invest in a new one or save my money for the PC. If I get one I may get this:

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  1. Sounds like bad cable. I'd try getting another one.
  2. Already tried that, still happens.
  3. it could be great if you tried hooking up a computer through the HDMI cable and see whether it's still happening. It might be xbox HDMI port as well.
  4. Hi, can i ask what game/s does it do it for?
  5. Try playing around with your TV's settings.
  6. Stampedez: It's for Battlefield 3, but it does it for other games like minecraft, fifa, etc.

    jay_nar: I tried that but it still doesn't work
  7. you should try to hook up your old cable to see what happens
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