L.A Noire running slow on a high-end PC

Ive just got L.A Noire and i get 30fps and after few sec it drops to 2-5 fps and then back up again, my gpu usage is only 40% and cpu is 30%... ive ran it under the threaded commands and still the same, any ideas?

2600k @ 4.4GHz
GTX 570 DirectCU II @ 850MHz
8GB ram (1600MHz)
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  1. Did you install all the patches? If not, do so, it helped me to stay stable 30 fps!
  2. Its the Steam version so its all upto date.
  3. I just started TRYING to play it with the new system I built:

    Gigabyte ga-970a-UD3, 4 gigs of RAM, AMD 4100 Quad Core running at 3.6, Gigabyte NVidia GeForce 520 with 1 gig onboard memory.

    Runs like a wounded cow. Already tried the command line fixes and both DirectX settings.

    I'll try a clean reboot and see what happens. Otherwise - off the drive. It's also the Steam version, so it should be up to date (all my drivers are, as I just installed everything.)

    This should not be such a drag!
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