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Killing my T-Bird?

Last response: in Overclocking
April 2, 2002 12:44:14 AM

I have an Athlon 1.4 GHz T-Bird CPU. When it had the heatsink on it from AMD (the processor in a box), it ran from 65-75 degrees C. I put a new heatsink on it like a few months ago, a Thermaltake V6+(, and I got it down to around 53-57 degrees C. But somebody that works at the local pc hardware store here in NC (Intrex) told me that was still too hot and average is 40-50 degrees.

I have an antec case with 2 fans in the back, 1 in the front as well as a geforce3 video card. I also have a 12/24 gig tape drive, cd-r/w drive, cd drive and an SB Audigy I killing my T-Bird?

Also, I'm switching it to a rather empty case soon when I get my XP 2000 CPU, and that case has only 1 fan...but has next to nothing in the case.

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April 2, 2002 4:33:53 AM

hmm let's see. my t-bird runs at 53-54 degrees C and it's a 1.2 ghz thought some say the mobo that i'm using reports the cpu temperature to be 10 degrees higher then normal. computer is a year old running fine.( stock heatsink and fan)

my friend runs a 1.4 ghz t-bird at 61 degrees C with the case on. it goes to 75 degrees C with a v5 (cause he never opens his windows and his room is bloody hot) with the case off it runs at 51 - 55 degrees C.

I've e-mail amd on this topic and they've replied. "it is uncertain what temperature your cpu should run at since different conditions with reason in different temperatures. Normal opperating tempers run from 40 - 70 degrees C." something like that. so i would say if your running you cpu over the temperature of 80 degrees your wasting it. lol. your temperature seems fine to me. my friend is running a xp 1600+ at 1900+ at around 50 or so C with a v6cu+ or so he says. but all he did was clock the bus up. a xp 2000+ should run fine with a v6cu or a cu+
April 2, 2002 10:03:30 AM

I also have a 1.4GHz tbird and it ran hot too, the reason was that the mobo (soltek sl75drv2) was supplying 1.79V to the core instead of 1.75V. This was with automatic voltage selection turned on. You should get some software to monitor your cpu core voltage. This overvoltage is common in mainboards from what i hear, i suppose it promotes system stability.

My CPU heatsink is a copper/aluminum Taisol CGK760 with a skinny 10mm delta fan that comes with it. I was also using the cheap thermal pad that came with the heatsink. I only had one exhaust fan in the case and the exhaust from the enermax dual fan power supply. I had no intake fans. The CPU would idle at 58C-59C and under load go up to 70C, room temp was around 33C at this time. I have a temp sensor on the mainboard under the CPU.

1)So to fix this I manually set the core to 1.7V and now it runs at 1.72-1.74V in the core. This is within the AMD specified -+.05V operating range so its safe.
Its on the chart on page 2 of the manual, page 8 of the pdf. I havent had any stability problems from doing this either, and i really use my computer.

2)I also pulled off the heatsink and removed the crappy thermal pad, cleaned the CPU core and heatsink (99% alcohol for everything), and applied Arctic Silver thermal compound to the cpu core and heatsink. You have to follow instructions on the Arctic Silver for it to work best.

3)In the case I added two intake fans and another exhaust fan. The intake fans get air almost directly from the outside of the case as there is a door at the bottom for a cd-drive on my case. I installed one of my two HDD's in this CD-drive spot so plenty of space was left free for airflow. I always leave this door open. I also tied down the cables inside so they would not restrict airflow. Heres my case so you see what im talking about:

Right now its 45C and at idle, room temp is 23-24C and the temp on the surface of my 7200rpm HDD is 27C. During the day when room temp gets about 29C my cpu idles at 49C and only goes up to 52C under full load and HDD temp is 33C.

Good intake on the case is important, cold air must reach that cpu, if your case has a big slab of pastic in front of the fans and is not open then those intake fans are useless. When at idle and I close the front door on the case the temps go over what they would be at full load with the door open! Cases are badly designed for cooling unless they have intakes on the side panels or an open front that exposes the fans to the outside air well.
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April 3, 2002 3:48:13 PM

What is your case temp? your cpu temp will always be higher than the case temp, is the temp as high with the case open? if so, or if its not much different then case ventilation isnt the problem. As mentioned check the voltage, but I wouldnt have thought that a SMALL voltage increase would affect the temp as much as it has with yours. las pont- is the system stable? if so, I wouldnt be over worried, though it is a bit high, I've never had one run stable much higher than high 50's.- erm, another point! what are you using to monitor the temp, and also is the thermal diode under the cpu in contact with the cpu?

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April 3, 2002 7:16:58 PM

Not sure of the case temp, don't have something monitoring the temp in the case as a whole. The only temp. that I can see is for the motherboard and CPU, and I use AsusProbe, which came with my mobo. I'm not too worried anymore, as it will be switched to a more open case and maybe ventilation will be a bit better...

-=[If loving AMD processors is the path to the Dark Side, consider me a Sith Lord. (dinoX)]=-