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I have a 4 year old acer w/windows vista home basic... out of warranty and is stuck in a "update 3 of 3 installing" that never happens...Acer told me I need to purchase the O/S...can I used windows 7 O/S or do I have to stick with Vista?
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  1. If you have Win 7 drivers, go for it. Else, make sure the Vista drivers run on 7.

    List full specs please.
  2. nearly every driver that came out for Vista will work for Win7
    since they are so similar under the hood

    you can try doing a repair of your OS using the installation disk, or a repair disk.
  3. Or hit F11 or F12 during bios post Acer logo to do a system restore from the hidden recovery partition if your machine has one and when you get it installed, created a set of recovery dvd's for when the hdd fails and you have to replace it or pay Acer £££.
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