Hi guys.i have a new pc..that is AMD Sempron 145 2.8Ghz Processor Asrock N68-S3

i have a new pc..that is AMD Sempron 145 2.8Ghz Processor Asrock N68-S3 Motherboard NForce 630A Chipset Nvidia GeForce 7025 256MB Graphic Kingston 4GB DDR3 Ram Seagate 80GB Sata Harddisk..so what you think bout this my pc spec?can i run many types of games??can you state the types of game that can be run with this spec..tq guys..
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  1. is it ok for many popular game types??need help,coz im newer in pc gaming..
  2. That is a very low end computer with an integrated graphics chip. I'd say you can run stuff from 2003 and earlier. Anything newer probably won't perform well with that integrated graphics chip.

    If you want to run anything newer than 2003, you'll probably need to get a video card. Even then, that Sempron is going to hold you back, it is a very outdated CPU, it's only single core. As such, it falls below the minimum requirements for most modern games. Just about everything made 2008 and later requires at least a dual core, aside from a few indie titles with very modest system requirements.

    Your Sempron is a locked Athlon II Regor, so you may be able to unlock the second core, giving you a dual core. However, the odds of a successful unlock is 50/50 at best, and that's if the motherboard allows for core unlocking. Even with an unlocked core, your CPU would still be quite weak.

    If you are looking to play current games, you need a CPU upgrade and a video card upgrade at the very least.
  3. thank you so much for that info..
  4. +1 its a very low spec PC if you want to game on it the minimum I recommend is you get an Athlon II preferably a quad or 3 core but at least a dual and a Radeon 6670 or better.
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