How fast can i overclock a Athlon 2100xp?

Hi my friends building a pc and were buyin all the best stuff $ can buy. Were buyin that "Complete Innovatek Water Cooling Kit". Assuming he bought all the best stuff (mobo(will get best 333fbs model), memory(has 1gb 366mhz ram), video card(has gf4 4600),and sound(has audigy). What can we overclock that 2100+ to? Any tips, suggestios appreciated, THANKS!!!!!
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  1. That 1GB ram is one dimm right? Using more dimms can mean less stability overclocking. Is it cl2 or 2.5? Are there even any 366Mhz 1GB dimms at cl2 available?

    I think you should start off conservative by matching the FSB to your ram at 183Mhz, you mobo is 166MHz at spec. You want to see how fast you can push that ram and motherboard combination. So keep upping that fsb to see how fast that ram/motherboard will go.

    Then when you have decided your FSB you should hit the multiplier 1 notch at a time untill you hit maximum safe speed the CPU will work at.

    Dont forget to run your tests for at least an hour at a time, dont do it for like 10minutes because that is not enough strain to test for reliability.
  2. Well, even though there is no such thing as PC-366 RAM, you would most likely be better off overclocking a KT-266A board with PC-2100 DDR. You'll save lots of $$ in the process as well. As for the 2100+, it depends whether you plan on increasing the multiplier (unknown to most users for setting above 13) or increasing the FSB. Water cooling will get you well above 166Mhz FSB. Thus, there isn't much of a reason to get PC-2700 DDR (PC-333).

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  3. search pricewatch, you can get pc3300 ram, see were gearing up for 400MHz+ DDR, if only the mainboard manufacturers could keep up. if you think about it though video cards already have this same kind of fast memory though
  4. Dude, pricewath is an online service, they may have items which are "going to be released," but there is no DDR-400 yet. It's still a waste of money till a 500Mhz FSB arrives or a chipset which can support it.

    "When there's a will, there's a way."
  5. Quetzacoatl
    ...OCZ makes 400mhz memory dont talk smack unless you have at least a small clue of what your talking about.
  6. thanks spedanden
  7. If you want really high speeds you will need a voltage mod too, and a good powersupply.

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