is this 1.4 normal?!

I think im really lucky here. I overclocked my athlon thunderbird from 1.4GHz to 1596Mhz using an 152Mhz FSB. I dont have any trace tape here yet, its on the way. Funny thing is it only went up 1C at idle *and* 1C under load for 1 hour from what it was at 1400MHz. I dont know what kind of core it is I have had it installed for some time a just decided what the hell and went into bios and overclocked it.

Here is my system:
Athlon 1.4GHz 1596MHz 152MhzFSB 1.74V core
Taisol CGK760 copper/aluminum heatsink 21cfm delta fan soon to be upgraded to a YStech 38cfm fan
Mainboard Soltek SL75drv2
Ram two dimms, one ecc 256MB micron 2.5cl, one ecc 256 samsung 2.5cl
iomagic geforce2mx video card

temps overclocked 1596MHz 1.74V core :
room temp 24C
47-48C idle
52C full load for 1 hour

temps at 1.4GHz 1.74V core
room temp 24C
46-47C idle
51C full load for 1 hour

Does all this sound about right for a 1.4GHz? Its just so weird that it only went up 1C for +196Mhz. The temp sensor is under the CPU on the mainboard.

heres some new temps:
temps overclocked 1596MHz:
room temp 28C
51C idle

Changed the FSB to 145MHz from 152Mhz
Athlon 1522Mhz (XP shows 1.54GHz?!) 1.74V core
room temp 29C
52C idle
57C full load for 1 hour

I am getting a bettter fan for the heatsink i got a dinky 21cfm delta on there now, a 38cfm YS tech is on the way. Also got some ramsinks on the way.

Any other suggestions? <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by niconx on 04/03/02 01:14 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. Well...I don't think you have a special Athlon, just a good stepping. I like the AXIA and AXIR, got myself an AXIA 1.0Ghz at 1.46Ghz

    I've seen T-birds running as high as 1.9Ghz with some insane overclocking. The most disgusting instance was running a 1.4Ghz Athlon Thunderbird at 1.75Ghz with a simple Swiftec MCX-370 cooler! Still, it did run at a steady 50 degrees celsius which is generally a little high. I bet someone could get another T-bird up to 2.0Ghz with very intense water cooling and a good stepping. Even better, like the PIV, get liquid nitrogen cooling!

    Ugh, I noticed you still have 2.5 CL RAM, ditch it fast!!!
    Ditch the Gf2MX!!! Yuck!

    It's strange, you said it worked stably at 1.74 volts? That's interesting. Is it because of your mobo settings or a poor PSU? If you don't have above 300W, you might be losing wattage on your 12volt line. If it is crashing, then up the voltage to 1.85. This is probably why you didn't experience much change in heat. Same voltage, but higher Mhz. Don't forget though! Motherboard monitors aren't always 0 accurate, you may want to use an external heat monitor just to verify that heat. You could be running at 60 degrees or higher which would cause instabilites. Hmm...if you aren't afraid to mod the CPU, then go ahead and gap the bridges to change the multiplier. Then you can goof around with that as well. Also, it helps to double up/increase the fan size. I canabalized several flat fans and heatsinks and layed them on top of each other. Thus, i've been able to make a super butchered multi-fan! Doesn't help much, but looks pretty cool. My biggest one has three P3 fans stacked on top on an AXP heatsink, bolted together with 2-inch screws. It looks like hell, but it works :) Mostly just guesswork and goofing aruond with the possibilites! Good luck :)

    "When there's a will, there's a way."
  2. yea i do have some el-cheapo ram i should get a stick of some prime stuff. i have it running at 1.74V because it heats up over that, i can easily get it to be whatever i want. It runs at 1.79V when its set to automatic detection running at 1.4GHz. i had to set it to 1.7V manually to get 1.74V. Also I dont have air conditioning now so im stuck with high room temps (30C right now). as for the geforce2mx, i dont like many computer games so i dont care if it sucks. Cant stand first person shooters, its so "done",... over and over and over,... and over. guess i played doom too much in high school LOL

    i got some ramsinks, some arctic silver adhesive for the ramsinks, a 38cfm YS-tech fan for the cpu, and some tracetape coming so i can fine tune this sucker.

    I may have applied too much arctic silver when i installed the heatsink the first time so that could be why its so hot.
  3. "I may have applied too much arctic silver when i installed the heatsink the first time so that could be why its so hot."

    That really doesn't matter as long as you reapply it correctly the next time.

    "When there's a will, there's a way."
  4. i know, i have only done it once with this heatsink though, im afraid of cracking the core like i did with a 1.33
  5. well i just reapplied the arctic silver 30min ago and its running idle at 44C now at 1.4GHz/133FSB

    i looked and its a AYHJA Y core, YAY i got a good one =c)
  6. I used to have a 1.4 GHz T-bird with AYHJA Yxxxxx stepping, and I was planning to OC it to 2000 with peltier and watercooling. But I fried my CPU, because of mismounting my waterbloc (stupid screws that I got with it where to long). And I now have a XP1600+. I removed the peltier from my watercooling because I hand't enough time to rebuild it with my new CPU due school. In the following weaks I will let somebody do a voltage mod so I can try to OC this one to 2000 GHz.

    <b>THGC:</b> before: :frown: :eek: , after: :smile: :cool: .
  7. well i got it at 145fsb 11.0multiplier at 1595MHz and wouldnt go over 51C full load for 8hours at 26C room temp. still safe to push it farther?
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