Upgrading Graphics Card?

I have a HP Pavilion p6642f desktop.

These are my specs
Intel Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.0GHz
6GB of Ram
Windows 64-bit
Intel HD Graphics Card

More info of computer specs: http://bit.ly/MT8fVF

Planing to get a 550w - 700w PSU. I'm looking for a graphics card that is compatible (size wise) with my computer & I want to be able to run WoW on ultra settings. My budget is $100 but willing to spend more if its worth it.
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  1. If all you are planning on spending is $100, get a Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition. You probably won't even need a new PSU as long as you get an adapter for PCI-E power.
  2. /\

    true but why not get a power supply for future upgrades so he doesn't have to screw around later?
  3. Like what kind of future upgrades? If all the OP wants is to play WoW, then the 7770 is plenty.
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