Games Are always tabbing out

I just built a new computer and I have this problem were my games and even things like chrome and steam unselect themselves if that makes any sense.
The problems seems to go away sometimes after about a hour of use and other times it doesn't happen at all. But most of the time the problem doesn't go away. Please Help me

Here is a list of my computer specs:

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
AMD FX Series FX 4170 Black Edition
ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II
8gb of Corsair Vengeance Ram
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  1. Try unplugging your keyboard and check whether it helps.
  2. likely you dont have sticky keys enabled.
  3. What antivirus are you using?
    What browser are you using?
    Are you per chance using AOL messenger, aka AIM?
    Any other instant messaging programs?
  4. Im using kaspersky internet security, google chrome and no messenger.
  5. ok, try the following, disconnect your machine from internet and turn off kaspersky, see if that solves the issue.
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