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Trying out overclocking my p4 1.7 to at least 1836. All i can measure atm is temp i guess at idle in while looking at the readins in the bios. At 1700 it runs about 46.5C at 1836 its about 47.5C. After playing Warcraf 3 for an hour and a half the Heatsink feels very warm to the touch at 1836, it feels like about room temp at 1700. So, here's what i'm asking i guess. Is 46-47C a normal idle temp for a p4 1.7? And if the heatsink feels warm or hot to the touch am I not getting enough cooling? Heh, if i'm being to vauge just tell me... Been getting more and more into working inside the pc but i'm still lil too nervous to take the cpu off and install a lcd temp guage. I'm running An Antec file server case with 4 antec case fans, 2 intake and 2 exhaust, a 3fan unit between the cd drives and a jet cool exhuast fan in a pci slot. So, i'm thinkin i have plenty of case cooling. Any recommendations on what to use thats not going as far as water cooling to overclock this thing and keep it cool?

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  1. You're fine

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  2. 46-47 sounds normal 2 me. you can invest in a Swiftech MCX 423/478 hsf for your 1.7 depend on which socket version it uses, it's quite expensive for a hsf but it provides the best aircooling for your cpu.
    about your hsf getting really hot after gaming, that's normal, a hot hsf usually mean good heat transfer between your cpu and the hsf, providing that the case temperature is cool.
    if u choose to change your hsf, be sure to replace the thermal compound, using arctic silver range, 2 or 3 are good. u can get instruction on how 2 apply the thermal compound at arcticsilver.com
    and u must test the new setup when u done. i've followed the instruction, but it still took me 4 time 2 get it right
  3. anything below 60C is fine...

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  4. Wow, thanks for the link to the instructions, they're alot more clear than the ones on the back of the plastic package-) I picked up a pack of silver thermal compound II from compusa and used it on my old heat sink last weekend. Didnt make much different but from what i just read i think i had a little too much on it, not terribly so just a lil bit, plus i couldnt get all of the old crap off of it. Place i ordered the motherboard cpu ram combo from really doused the thing with thermal grease, was globs of it around the edges of the proc. I'll start fresh with a new HS i just ordered though and only put on the amount shown in the articsilver instructions. Got a Thermaltake Indigo Orb cooler coming from Directron thats rated for P4's up to 2.0 Ghz so it should be good for overclocking my 1.7 to 1.85.

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