GTA IV - blinding white trees with iCEhancer +H1Vltg3


I've got GTA IV nicely installed with everything running fine. I installed iCEhancer along with H!Vltg3's edits and RealizmIV. Everything looks great except...

1) blinding white trees during the day (I've tried tweaking the icehancer.fx file, but to little benefit - maybe I'm just doing that wrong)
2) blindingly dark streets and alleys during the night (ditto above parenthetical remark)

My next step is to install the Ultimate Textures mod and maybe that will fix things, but anyone have thoughts on this in the meantime?

Many thanks

P.S. - I'm using an OC'd Radeon HD 7950 (900mhz core clock) with 3GB VRAM and an i5-2500k. Processing power isn't the issue here as everything runs with no stuttering whatsoever.
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  1. I'm pretty sure H!Vltg3's edits is at fault here.
  2. Sunius said:
    I'm pretty sure H!Vltg3's edits is at fault here.

    You're probably right. I like the edits as everything looks pretty slick, but the lighting is a real problem. Any idea how to uninstall the edits? So far as I can tell, when you drag and drop the files into the GTA IV folder, it simply re-writes icehancer.fx values
  3. So, as a follow up, I'm thinking the edits can be undone by following the guidelines here, but it strikes me as a shame to lose some of the edits better tweaks
  4. Just drop normal Icenhancer without the edits in your GTA 4 folder and it should fix it.
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