Will my computer run Diablo 3 well?

I have a Gateway FX Series FX4710-UB003A upgraded to 8gb or ram. i am wondering if this computer will run Diablo 3 well? on max settings? or what settings will run great?
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  1. what video card do u have?
  2. i believe it comes with a nvidia 9800 gt oc
  3. it will not run maxed but it will run on low and it might run on med settings....what are the rest of your specifications?
  4. Just buy a cheap modern GPU and you're set.
  5. 8gb ddr2 ram and core 2 quad @2.5ghz
  6. what abought your psu? power supply

    if u have at least a 300w psu this is a good cheap card that should run Diablo 3 low to med settings
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