Windows 7 x64 cant record 'what u hear'/stereo mix with Audigy SE

hi.. ive been doing aLOT of digging on this topic in the past few hours and have found Daniel K's drivers which are supposed to fix the problem.. among other compatibility issues with windows vista/7/etc..

wellll, i installed them and it took about 5-10min to fully install everything...then reboot, but i still dont get the option to select recording to 'what you hear' or 'stereo mix' in recording devices even after having checked 'show disabled devices'. any ideas>? could it just not be supported in the newer versions of the audigy se? (i got this card about 6 months back)

i thought that maybe i did the install process of the new drivers incorrectly, so i removed my SB Audigy driver from device manager (uninstalled it) and then reboot with the intent on just trying to reinstall the Daniel K fix driver and not laoding any trace of the old certified audigy driver... but when i boot up it automatically starts installing the old driver. lol i dont know how to stop this.. that probably seems dumb. but is there a way to prevent it from auto updating so i can try to just install this fix driver?

anyways.. the official creative drivers say they dont support this function nor do they ever intend to (due to riaa etc related bs), so.. i guess im planning to format my surplus hd and install xp just to be able to dual boot with this function.. but, it would be REALLY FN' NICE if there was a way to just make it work in windows 7 -_-

that being said, does anyone know of any sound cards that would definitely support this function? (the ability to record 'what you hear' in windows 7). i dont mind paying a bit, but more than a hundred is a bit much..

thanks for any suggestions
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  1. Looks like creative is not planning on doing an update driver for the audigy driver.
    This would indeed fix the problems of record what you hear in windows 7.

    Personaly that is a bit poor of them.
  2. yeah i guess its because they dont want people to have that option. due to copyright infrigement and etc idiocy. thats the whole point its harder to enable this function in the first place in vista/7... which is beyond annoying
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