Steam games for $50

Hey, I have 50 dollars and wonder what games you guys would recommend?
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  1. If you can, you could pre-order the new Counter Strike: Global Offensive. But it really depends on your preference for games.

    Good luck,
  2. Well i play games like fallout, L.A Noire, and game that have a very long appeal.
  3. So, you're fine playing First Person Shooters?
  4. Yeah but would rather have a game with rpg elements
  5. If you don't have them already:

    They are not steam, but come DRM free. I personally see it as an advantage because I don't have to see those annoying steam ads and wait for it to verify that I'm not a pirate..
  6. Pity really, you've not long missed the Steam summer sale. If you can, wait for the winter sale and get the valve/steam pack and another pack or two.
  7. If your into RPGS i'd recommend legend of grimrock, very interesting 2.5d graphics and the gameplay is pretty addictive once you get the hang of it
  8. Have you played the Stalker series? Their bundle is $35, but not sure why it doesn't include Clear Sky.
  9. i was thinking of buying starcraft 2. any thoughts on it?
  10. You'll get tired of sc2 really quick , that and the new one is coming out soon
  11. thefarkus said:
    i was thinking of buying starcraft 2. any thoughts on it?

    IMHO... the graphics in SC2 suck.
  12. Graphics whore..
  13. Borderlands 1+2?

    You can get borderlands 2 for steam on greenmangaming for $40 right now... and if you wait until christmas, you can definitely get borderlands 1 GOTY edition for $7.50.
  14. Since we don't know what games you already own, I'm gonna throw this in the blind and suggest:
    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (FPS + RPG) of the best titles till date!
    Max Payne 3 (purely FPS, no RPG)

    Knowing what all titles you already own would help.
  15. L4d2, Payday the hiest, Killing floor.
    Fallout <3
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