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I can't install anything on the computer I can use that has a great graphics card. So far I've been running Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2 off of a external hard drive, Im wondering if I can run games like
Far Cry 2
Penumbra Series

without it making game folders in the documents folder of my computer since I can't install anything and have to be virtually invisible after I game, like I was never on the computer.
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  1. hmm... I wonder why... Anyways, your not going to benefit from the capabilities of your computer if you are going to play games off an external hard drive, because the transfer rate over the USB port is going to be slow. If you can't install the games on to the computers hard drive, I wouldn't recommend you play at all... there are no tricks or fixes for that sort of problem, it is a physical limitation. But anyways, Good luck.
  2. Because it isn't my computer actually I just can use it, but thanks for the answer
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