How do i play 3d games better on my pc

Hello, i tryied playing this 3d realm game, and its lagging horribly, is there away i can dowload somthing to make it run better for quality and performance reasons?
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  1. sorry but downloading things will not help too much. u just need to upgrade ur pc most likely. u can try this though:
    it works pretty well. what it does is shut down any services the computer doesn't need while you game. this free up your pc's resources to work on the game
  2. Hey wahr40,

    Like benzh95 mentioned, you can't do much by downloading any software but still it may increase the perfomance by like 5-8% but if you really want to play it nicely, you might as well upgrade your PC.

    Softwares you may like -

    Link to site -

    A Budget Gaming PC for 2012 - (If you may like to upgrade)

    Here's a $500 Budget Gaming PC 2012 -
  3. You most likely need a better graphics card post your system specs for better advise.
  4. Yea like simon12 said, if you list your computer specs in here. It would be easier for us to help you out and why you're having the problems.
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