Securing a Coolermaster Heatsink & Fan

I have a Coolermaster HCC 002 Delta Heat Sink & Fan for my XP1900+ on a Abit KT7-A Motherboard, which is in a tower case so mounted sideways.

The heat sink is very heavy and is only secured by a single clip either side of the CPU. I've heard stories of big heat sinks falling off without people realising and them frying the CPU. I'm worried about this happening to me.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I better secure the heat sink and fan to stop this happening?

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  1. Did it hurt your fingers to put it on?

    If so, imagine how much pressure is on the retaining clips. It shouldn't fall off. Do you bump your system around a lot?

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  2. Yea i have heard the same thing, but how in the world could a heatsink fall off? I mean if you took the least bit of care in making sure the clip is actually clipped, it just cant happen, it breaks the laws of physics LOL. The only thing i can guess is if the clip is excessively tight and you have a way oversized heatsink then the plastic clip holder thingy on the socket breaks off. The max amd spec for a heatsink+fan is 300 grams. Most overclocking sinks weight more then this, and im sure yours does because its copper. Keep in mind AMD set this spec because people like fedex and UPS abuse the computer in transit. I have taken more computers in my car then i could even count and not one has ever had a heatsink fall off.

    Your heatsink has a good clip, no need for a stinkin screwdriver, just your thumb and half a brain. But to be as safe as possible, place your case on its side when you transport it so that the heatsink is resting on the cpu and not vertical. This way no excess stress is placed on the clip while your transporting the case. Taking the heatsink off everytime you transport it is a BAD idea beacuse sooner or later your will probably crack the cpu core doing this. You also have to keep applying new thermal compound this way too.
  3. The heatsink won't fall off, that's for sure. But, the clips can break off if the heatsink is heavy. I have this Swiftech MC370-0A, and it weighs in at 316g, so if I do take my computer somewhere (rare), I take it off for sure. Luckily, it uses a unique method consisting of screws and springs which put just the right amount of pressure on the processor core.

    I'm not sure about not using a screwdriver, although when installing heatsinks with that mechanism, I certainly find it hard to use a finger. You must use finger-exercising equipment, like in those text messaging commercials. :lol:

    I would think that even when putting the computer horizontal, if you make a hard turn in your car, your heatsink would be putting pressure on those two clips.

    If you are scared of cracking your core, just get a shim. Plus, if you keep the heatsink in place, without wiping the thermal compound off, you can apply the heatsink back on. I haven't had any heat/stability problems when doing this. My recent experience would be when I did a demonstration speech on how to build a computer. Especially with my heatsink, I haven't cracked the core yet.

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  4. My biggest worry was that the top plastic clip on the socket could snap, but your comments have given me confidence that this shouldn't happen - thanks.
  5. You're welcome, buddy! Glad I can help. :wink:

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