o/c Pentium III 850Mhz!!

Hi just got a SLOT1 Pentium III 850E Mhz (100Mhz)
I was able to o/c this CPU to 1020Mhz/1Ghz stable...is this weird?
I'm only using the INTEL stock fan that came with it, it runs at only 3700RPM, I hav monitor the temp via the BIOS (Asus P3B-F) it's around 33-39 Celsius
Using ASUS Probe the temp was at 33-40 Celsius, with games or benchmark running..

The temperature seem to be quite low?...how hot does Pentium II 850E gets?
So I was wondering how much can Pentium III 850E o/c to on average without any modification? can someone tell me if my o/c is normal or either that the temperature monitor is wrong?

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  1. That is about right if you have the Large intel cooler and good airflow in your case. P3s run much cooler than Athlon or Willamett or northwood.

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  2. Thanx!

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  3. If you're lucky you might reach 1.13GHz at 133MHz FSB.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. i thought u can only reach 100 bus speed for p3!

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  5. I run at a bus speed of 154fsb on a daily basis. No problem at all. stable as windows can be

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  6. The PIII has always been available at 133FSB, first was the 600B on the Katmai core, then came the 533EB, 600EB, 667EB, 733EB, 800EB, 866EB, 933EB, and 1000EB. 90% or more of PIII 1000 CPU's are of the EB (133MHz) variety.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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