Best Gaming keyboard for under $100

Im looking to buy a new gaming keyboard but I only have $100 to spend. Gaming is the main priority, but media controls and what not would be nice too. I want something with back-lit keys (preferably blue LEDs because everything in my pc setup has blue leds). Thanks for any suggestions :sol:
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  1. Hi there,

    Keyboards with LEDS are usually more expensive than normal ones, here is some keyboards that may interest you :



    And of course you can find alot more keyboards like that, some of them have even more advanced features than just LEDS.

    Cheers, Sprunk95
  2. I would recommend staying away from the Razer Lycosa. I had one for about 3 months before the keys started to get stuck. Also the media controls would randomly stop working, or even sometimes toggle through the different LED settings..
    anything apart from razer on this page will be a good keyboard. seriously razer keyboards must be avoided at all costs... there gaming matrix actually impedes the rest of the keyboards functionality...
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