Building a new computer needs help!

So this is all the hardware im looking at for my comp, can someone give me advice on it or let me know if all the hardware is compatible?? btw still need to pick out windows, but dont know how to install windows, where can i get preinstalled windows??

ps: idk if the newegg link will work, its just the shopping cart so if i doesnt end up working ill just post all the hardware
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  1. It says its empty.

    Get an i5 3570 or 3570k with that GPU and around 8GB RAM.
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    I second that cpu choice, of course only get the 3570k if you plan to overclock, take the 3570 if not and save a little. As far as installing windows goes, It is really simple dude its just like installing any other software out there, the only bit that might present a problem for you is getting it to boot from the dvd or usb for the install. But a quick google search will show you how to do that in no time at all.
  3. jay_nar2012 said:
    It says its empty.

    Get an i5 3570 or 3570k with that GPU and around 8GB RAM.

    Alright heres all the hardware i was gonna get, what i really need help with is knowing whether or not everything will be compatible, like the sound card and ram with the motherboard? what kind of ram to get? and whether or not the motherboard already has a good enough wireless Lan cuz my desktop now is wireless and i need it to be that way! and also where i can get the cheapest windows os. Im building the pc for gaming but im trying to future proof it the best i can.

    ps: anyone know any really good thermal paste thats easy to apply??







    Cpu cooler:


    Fan controller:
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