Still worth buying bf3 premium now?

Am I kind of late to buy this game?
And can i still enjoy this game given these facts?
*I just started working with only 2 rest days per week
*My desktop is not that uber (x2 550 unlocked to x3 @ 3.5ghz paired with 5770 @ 950/1350, 4gb RAM)
I'm afraid I might get behind or something if I won't play everyday, like on a mmorpg game.

So, if you guys are in my shoes, is this game still worth buying?
Or should I wait for the bf4 or save this for pc upgrade?
Sorry for my bad english.

p.s. This is my first time planning to buy a real game so...
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  1. I mean is only £39.99 for the premium which gets you all the expansion packs but if you don't have much time and don't want to commit then don't Team Fortress 2 is free and Very fun and would run better on your machine or go for another free game like league of legends there is tons of free games you can play. Battlefield is good but you not missing out on much. Hope my advice helped

    Lemon out :D
  2. It will definately take you time to unlock the weapons and specs for each class. It will also take time to upgrade your vehicles. If you are just going to play for the fun of it, get it. If you plan on playing as intended with most upgrades unlocked, then you may not have the time for it.
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