GA-7VRX & 1800+ Running really hot, need advice

Hey, pretty much a newb to alot of this so you will have to talk to me in laymans terms. My stability is rock steady but my temps are running really high, in the 57-60c range idle and in the high 60's on a full load. I will eventually look to overclock as I do more research and get abit more knowledge. I just got the cpu and mb about a week ago, and only have the base heatsink and 1 case fan. Basically I am looking to spend around 100$ to get my system down in temp. Any suggestions for the most bang for the buck would really help. Even some good product links/reviews would be most appreciated, I dont mind doing legwork but some advice from experienced users would help greatly.
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  1. For $100 USD You could get a Thermaltake Volcano7 and some artic silver :)

    <A HREF="" target="_new">ThermalTake</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">ArcticSilver</A>

  2. Under my most stressful processor load times my highest temp has been 40c, I'm using the Swiftek 462 you can get one from for $72.00 dollars US plus S&H
    I'm running an AMD 1900+ the amazing thing I've noticed, and the reason I recommend this heatsink is that the norm for the 1900+ is 1600Mhz I've OC'd so far to over 1700Mhz with no temp variance, the design of the heatsink is what makes it so effective, its noisy though, it sounds like a small jet engine.
  3. The Swiftech MCX462, the Alpha PAL8045 or the Thermaltake Vulcano 7 are very good heatsinks. But you might want to look for a slower moving (instead of 7000 rpm) moving fan to cut down the noise.

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  4. Do you need to apply the arctic silver if you get a new heatsink and fan? It looks like I could destroy my processor doing it!
  5. Most heatsinks come with thermal pad, but it is always better to use Arctic Silver. It isn't that risky you just have to make sure you only aply it on the core and that you spread out a thin layer. Go here for instructions: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>.

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