PC Lock up in fullscreen after trying to disable crossfire on 5970

Hey, i dont know where to put this, but here i go. Ive recently tried to fix APB issue with crossfire and sli, where people are invisible or glowing. I read that if you disable crossfire in CCC, it would fix this, so i did. and after that i start getting this super crazy lock up, where the game would slow down and the sound start looping then everything just stop. I would not be able to do anything but hard reboot.


my psu have been doing some weird stuff like fan makin noises or not even working, but so far everything have been running fine until i tried to disable crossfire.

I can play everything fine in window mode. i can play CS:S, and LoL in fullscreen perfectly, but when i tried to play Black Light Retribution, or APB in full screen, everything will lock up.
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  1. I don't know if I can exactly answer your questions, but I can give you my personal experience with a 5970. I had a 5970 for about 6 months before selling it for a GTX580 out of pure frustration. I acquired a 5970 as a warranty replacement for a 5870 that I had to send back 4 times. (another story). Anyway, I believe you want crossfire turned off in the drivers because you are using a single card not two. The card itself handles both GPU's, but the drivers see it as a single card so there is no Crossfire.

    With that said, I had nothing but constant driver issues with my 5970 between games. I would run one game just fine, but then had strange inconsistent frame rates on other games as well as occasional weird artifacts and game crashes. I'd update the drivers and it would fix the issue in the game I was experiencing problems in, only to again cause issues in another game or the game that used to work fine in. I eventually found a particular driver that seemed to work nicely with the games I was playing. Every time I got adventurous and updated the drivers I ultimately have to go back to that one driver that worked for all my games. This is the only card I have ever had that had this many issues with drivers.

    My suggestions are to download the latest drivers from AMD and test it. If you still have issues, go back to the previous months driver. If that has issues go back another month. I suspect you will eventually find a driver that works for you. Otherwise, sell the card and get save the frustration. I am glad I did, my GTX 580 worked flawlessly until I sold it for a GTX680 and that works just fine. My previous card to the 5970 (and 5870 for that matter) was the 4870, which had NO issues at all. I've also heard others have strange issues with the 5000 series AMD cards.
  2. i see what youre saying, but the card worked fine for about maybe 2 years. i got the 5970 when it first came out in the summer of probably 2010, or was it 2011, im not sure. The point is, everything work perfectly fine, i even OC it for a period of time then i put it back down to stock because of artifact issues, then until probably a few days ago, i wanted to play apb, but the game doesnt support more than 1 GPU, no matter if it is a CF, or even a dual GPU card like the 5970. I went to the 3D menu, and at the bottom it asked me about the CF option, and one of the option was disable, so i disabled it, and thats when things start going down hill.

    Im wondering if there are any options to "hard" reset the card, and put everything back to the way it was from the factory.

    +more information+ my firefox now keep crashing every so often now, sometime it would last for a while, but it just crashed twice in the passing 30 minutes. i check task manager, and the physical memory is almost 4 gb, it is incredibly high, staying consistently at around 3.8 gb. im not sure, but is this a memory leak?
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