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I'm looking for a little bit of advice when it comes to recording/rendering gameplay.

I play Battlefield 3 in 1080p on Medium. I record with Dxtory in 720p @ 30fps(limited) and play at 50-70fps in Largith Lossless Codec. I know right there that scaling it down will loose some quality but the recordings still come out pretty decent. The clips come out in correct size looking decent like I said and @ 884,74 Mbps(File says its 884,736kbps. did my best to convert it, might be off).

After I render a clip out in Sony Movie Studio 11 it seems like it takes a huge drop in quality. My settings for rendering are 720p HDV Internet @ 29.970fps, Progressive Scan, No Deinterlace, Disable Resample @ 8Mbps.

My question is, is there anything you can suggest possibly in the way of rendering to increase quality? Is there a big drop in the mbps or whatever that could be causing it? Should I try increasing that? I will take any suggestions.

[Not Rendered Example 1]
(YouTube wouldn't upload this, tried twice)

[Rendered Example 1]

[Rendered Example 2]

My PC:
AMD 8150 8x @ 3.6ghz
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb
AMD Radeon HD5870
Corsair GS700w
Western Digital Black 1TB
(No overclocking, all factory)
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  1. Yes. 8 Mbps is too low. You'd need at least 25. Also, I'd suggest rendering using xvid codec in sony vegas, it will make sure the quality drop is minimal. You can download it from here:
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