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:hello: hello guys!! with another question... which pc would u suggest from below given
AMD phenom x4 quad core 2.4 ghz Intel core i3 2.4 Ghz
2Gb Ram 2Gb Ram
500 gb hard disk 500 gb hard disk
gt 430 hd 5670

Now its upto u guys... Thanks :)
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  1. Are the first items in each line one PC and the second items the second PC? No clear on that. Since the RAM and Disk are the same that shouldn't matter. We really need better specs on this and what you intend to do with the machine. However, I will make some assumptions. Since this is in the gaming forum I would say you will be gaming somewhat.

    First off looking at the graphics cards, I would take the 5670 over the GT430 any day. The 430 has very little potential to play games at all. The 5670 has at least some potential to play some games at very low settings, depending on what games you are playing.

    Second. It can be a toss up between those CPU's. The Phenom is a quad core, but the i3 is really more powerful core for core. If the game doesn't use 4 cores the i3 would probably do a little better. If it really takes advantage of 4 cores the Phenom will probably do better. Take a look at this review and you can compare some games.,3120.html
  2. many people play them on amd.. so should i buy amd..??
  3. Play what on AMD? So what are the two PC's you are comparing? Are they prebuild machines you are just trying to choose between?
  4. i am talking about games... games like battlefield 3...
  5. Forget Battlefield 3 on those cards. Stick with Intel and nVidia and put a LOT more money on it, or game on XBox 360 if you don't have the money to spare for a capable gaming machine. Depending on what system you currently have, those cards may well even be a downgrade.
  6. 2gb ram to play battlefield 3?
  7. Isn't it only mobile i3s that run at 2.4GHz
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