can't help being hot


i always thought my CPU and MB both ran at fairly high temperatures, but with this recent heat wave, i think i should get off me bum and seek a solution. i have an Asus A7V133 and a Athlon 1.33 GHz Thunderbird. a few weeks ago, CPU temp was in the low 50's (Celsius), and the MB in the low 30's. i'm not overclocking. now, they have both jumped up a full 10 degrees. is it too hot? it's actually 88 (!!!)degrees in my room, and this damn fan ain't helpin!

yesterday, my computer started freaking out and i left with some bad clusters on my HD. is this heat related? i actually had some HD problems a couple of months ago though. also bad clusters. someone on the board diagnosed my HD as volatile, and should get it replaced, but things seemed to be running fine until yesterday. but after another scandisk session, things are good again. i just want to know if this is heat related, and whether these high temps require immediate attention. thanks for your time.

edit: oops. i'm using a Swiftech Heat sink (MC370-0A) with a Delta fan. thing is damn loud. my case has one intake and the power supply for exhaust. i have two other for exhaust, but turning them on don't help. i've tried applying differing amounts of Arctic Silver II with no luck. can't seem to bring the temp down at all.
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  1. Wow, that's too bad about the heat wave. There isn't much you can do about cooling your computer down. If you have case fans moving air thru your system, and it's close to ambient, then you've done all you can.

    If it's 88°F (31°C) in your room, then the coolest your motherboard can get is 31°C air-cooled. Your temps sound just the way they should.

    Do you have cooling for your hard drive? If it's cramped below the floppy drive, then you might want to get an adapter for one of your 5 1/2" bays, or even a hard drive cooler. That way, you can get your HD to get closer to ambient. What HD are you using?

    About your temps, what are you using to monitor them? The motherboard sensors aren't entirely accurate. I have the same heatsink, with the default Papst fan. My Athlon 850 stays around 40°C. If you want to apply again, clean off the heatsink and processor core thoroughly with a cotton swab. Let it dry, then spread a thin amount of AS2 on core. Make sure you're using something like a razor or business card...something to that extent. Take your time to put the HSF on, and only unscrew until the screw head stops touching the clip.

    Last thing for now: unless the PSU has two fans, one on the bottom, and one at the rear. If it only contains one fan in the rear, then it's really only exhausting the heat from the power supply. So, it's best to have at least two case fans: front intake and rear exhaust.

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  2. Try placing the case on the floor, it's always a little cooler there. Not much but what can you do, get a small A/C for the room if it's not too much drain on your pocket. :)

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  3. I wouldn't recommend that, if at all possible. The reason why is if the intake fan is coming from the bottom of the case, it'll suck up more dust up, than if it was off the floor. Close to the floor, of course, since cool air is more dense. Yeah...I'd get an A/C. I can't believe it's 88°F in that room! I'd be lying on the floor in a pool of my own sweat. I'm sweatin' just thinkin' about it... :lol:

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  4. appreciate the replies. so low 50's CPU temp and low 30's MB temp are normal (this before the heatwave hit, my temp's are now low 60's and low 40's)? i was under the impression that those temp's are high. my HD is the Western Digital 100GB. i don't have a cooling solution for it and it is cramped under the floppy drive. someone in another thread told me that 7200RPM drives typically don't require cooling solutions. could that be the cause of my bad clusters? scandisk runs very slow now. it will get to around 30% and then slows down, then starts up again at around 50% and jumps to 70%, then slows down again. hope that made sense. is this normal even after marking the bad clusters?

    and yeah, it's like a boiler room in here. weather people say it should return to the 60's by next week. hope they get it right for once. :)
  5. What's between the CPU die and the Heatsink?


    Ahh. Just re-read your post. Perhaps too much thermal paste? You should only have a very thin coat on the die.

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  6. I believe those temps are right, because you're on a 1.33GHz, right? Anyways, although those are under spec, they would sure make me uncomfortable. I'm not sure what our MC370-0A is rated at, but you'll definitely wanna try some things before making sure that you'll need a better heatsink. Like I said above, and camieabz added, you gotta spread that thermal compound super thin. Make it so thin that you're afraid it's not enough.

    7200RPM drives don't require cooling, but it's not a bad idea. Most hard drives are tolerant up to 50°C, so if you're in the 40s, that's pretty high for your hard drive. My WD600AB is at 31.8°C, but it's really cool, compared to you. I'm not sure what temp my IBM 120GXP is running, but my WD is hotter than the IBM to the touch.

    Anyways, You might want to use the HD manufacturer's utility to check your hard drive for errors. Perhaps you'll even need to do a low level format (with the same utility). Of course, back up all your stuff. This'll take up a whole night, too, just so you know.

    Anyone else have a better suggestion though?

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  7. The thing that made me think of thermal paste was what he said above.

    i'm using a Swiftech Heat sink (MC370-0A) with a Delta fan. thing is damn loud. my case has one intake and the power supply for exhaust. i have two other for exhaust, but turning them on don't help. i've tried applying differing amounts of Arctic Silver II with no luck. can't seem to bring the temp down at all.

    Now different set-ups should produce better or worse results. The lack of either suggests that the issue is before the airflow comes into play.

    Thus thermal paste. Logical?

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  8. This is how to do it.

    Your cpu won't be cool if the fan blows hot air in to it. It comes cold air out of every single holt in my ropla case. Try it it makes a huge diffesrece

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  9. I actually did this (with one fan only), because I had two hard drives in those two slots. But, I removed the fan because the increased possibility of more dust. Plus, it's pretty cool out here in So. Cal right now. If it was summer time, it might be a whole 'nother story.

    This wouldn't really cool the hard drives as much, because in his case, it was below the floppy drive. It would cool the processor a little better, that's for sure.

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  10. i made something like that, with two small ystech fans, and a 5 1/4" bay cover. just got a switch from an old printer, and a big red led, and cut holes for everything. looks OK, because i didnt really do a good job cutting the holes...they arent perfect a long shot....but they do help vent hot air out, since i have them blowing out. and i have my second hard drive mounted right there with drive adapters... helps getting the air circulating in the case too. but with my setup, it allows the case to be to speak.


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  11. Blasted, I wish I could mod. I don't have any tools, nor do I have the money nor the case to do stuff to my computer. :frown:

    Have you ever tested if it might be better as an intake fan compared to an exhaust? I would think it would be better going through, then having the exhaust in the back get rid of the hot air. Plus, if you've got a PSU with two fans, that'd help get the hot air out, too. Just curious, really...

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  12. I never trust a hard drive once it develops bad clusters. The risk of future data loss is just too high.

    If the drive is 100GB it must be almost new. I'd contact the vendor or Western Digital and see if you can get a warranty replacement.

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  13. Yeah, basically...

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  14. well, my intake is on the side, right over the pci/agp slots...a 120mm ustoyo fan... and that thing pumps out quite a bit of air...108CFM to be exact. when i get another 120mm fan, and put that on the top of the case as a "chimney" i will probably reverse the direction of the fans on the front. but right now, they are doing the best they can...
    plus, i dont think that these things are strong enough to add to the pressure of the 120mm fan...
    they would just make noise. and to do the stuff i did with these little fans, i think you could do a better job with an exacto knife. probably would turn out more like a circle. and what do you mean by "not having the case to mod"? no room on your case? and i know what you mean about no money...right now, i am not able to do well. eventually, i will think of something...
    but a lot of times, i am just taking the things i have already, and scrap things from old computers/printers/scanners/ know...
    oh yeah, and if someone is looking for cold cathode, scanners sometimes have them...i know my microtek has if you get ahold of a scanner, that doesnt work, but the light still works, look at it, find the specs, and see if the scanner uses a cold cathode...
    but psu is some generic one...and only has the one fan...but i am going to buy a new psu...a dual fan one...heh...


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  15. Well, the case isn't one for modding. It's got thick plastic for side panels, and it's pretty cramped. I wanted to try to put the CD drives in the lower two bays, but they hit the motherboard capacitors. So, that just shows you how small the case is.

    Since I got the good power supply, I'm thinking of getting <A HREF="" target="_new">this $32 case</A> premodded already with a side intake and blowhole on top.
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Maxtop CSX-147K2F (Picture)</A>

    Other than that, that's all the cooling I think I'd need. I'm gonna start another thread about the fan I got from my old power supply...

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  16. hmm..that case should be ok..
    but you know the case clear plastic?
    because if it is...then it has some modding potential...
    and the plastic would be even easier to cut than metal!
    so if you get the new case, then try and mod the old one...even if it isnt used...
    or whatever...
    or if you are going to get rid of it...just the me...lemme know...because i have never modded a plastic case... :smile:
    but yeah...i have a case that is like the same size as the one you linked to. has four 5 1/4" bays...and if i put a cdrom in the bottom two, it hits the motherboard...hits these capacitors on the K7s5A
    but i think it is because i am putting a full sized atx mobo into a mid sized case.
    eh...when i get some cash...maybe an antec case or something...or totally custom...i have been thinking about a wooden or aluminum case...
    but that takes a lot of time and money...both of which i dont have too much of...but maybe... :wink:


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  17. Clear plastic? I have no idea...

    The reason why I'm not going to mod this current one is because it is too small. It's not the size of the motherboard either, because when I built two other computers for two friends based on the same motherboard that I have, it fit into their case just fine. I chose an Enlight case for them.

    If I ever get the money, I'd go aluminum. :cool:

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  18. yeah...
    so like this case is barely large enough to fit anything?
    that is pretty small.
    its like a micro atx case or something...?
    i know i wont mod my dads computer, unless it is some light modding, because that thing is one of those micro atx cases, where you have to take every drive out, and the psu to geta t anything....
    and yeah, if i can do it(read afford), i will make an aluminum one...because that would just be sweet...and if i am able make it in the shape i want, i will be able to create a heatsinking case...moreso than normal...but i am researching some info...and finding out design possibilities.


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