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So my wife had a netbook I bought for her laying around. An ASUS Eee PC. I started messing around on it rather than my clunkly laptop. And of course the next day I see a deal for a 120GB Crucial M4 SSD for 75$ shipped so obviously I buy it and upgrade the ram with it.

SO with that said I am wondering what are some good games that I could install on here that will run well. I already installed Diablo 2 (purchased Diablo 3 CE so had the copy on the flash stick). Getting a standalone copy of Starcraft today.

I like most games but will try to stay away from FPS since would need to use a mouse and don't care too much for racing.

Just thought I'd ask if anyone has any suggestions.
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  1. Tom's hardware recently published an article about gaming on a netbook, benchmarking the games and listing them. Make sure to check it out :)
  2. Old games that you like...
  3. jay_nar2012 said:
    Old games that you like...

    Yea after opening this thread thought about it and really any I have i can install and plus FF7 being released on PC again for 10 bucks that is prob my first starting point for netbook
  4. I'm curious... How does the netbook run with an SSD?
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