Lag Spikes, and CPU Usage Spikes!

Well, I play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and I've been dealing with FPS lag spikes.
I used to get good FPS before, and now I all of a sudden get lag spikes.
Like, for around 20 seconds or more.
I don't know if it's my CPU or whatever.
'Cause as soon as it happens I check my task manager and the CPU had spiked.
So, Idk if it's heat, it probably is, because I am expecting to de-dust my computer.
That should solve it, but I'd like to know any other possible reasons.
Or maybe ways to calm it down for a short while.
Please help.
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  1. go to processes in the task manager and then click on the cpu tab to sort them by cpu usage. when the cpu spikes see what program is causing it.
  2. It actually is GTA_SA.exe pulling it off, but IDK how to lower the CPU usage so, please help.
  3. What are your specs?
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