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Okay let's get right to the point...

I'd like to, in the future, finally put old daemons in everybody to rest and make KotOR 3.

Yeah yeah, call me crazy, say it can never be done, but honestly with the right amount of resources and help I think I can do it.

At the very least I'd like to write a novel that could be considered KotOR 3.

I've already got plenty of ideas and I am looking to YOU to help.

Send me your ideas about the KotOR series and how we can improve it.

Also if you have a background in making games feel free to offer your services.

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  1. well before you pitch that idea and make a game based off the star wars universe you will need to be licensed to use the star wars name.

    having only played minimal of both KOTOR games (maybe half way through each), i don't really have much to offer in the way of ideas (the story is kind of out of my mind now).

    if you want main stream story the basic, bad sith lord causing issues for the good people of the galaxy and new comer heros destroy them, or put a spin and they could potentionally join or turn evil once they had destroyed the sith. all depends on book or game story, you could do a similar bioware game system where you have different endings and dialogue changes the story through the game, or you can have it more main stream like the jedi knight series with only good and bad direct actions.

    you could also make it a more of a hack and slash game instead of the turn based standard that has been used in the last two games. something like force unleashed would probably play nice.

    not much i can think of right now
  2. George Lucas gonna sue somebody.......................
  3. Hi :)

    First you need a very good lawyer, as WR has pointed out...

    Second maybe a grammar checker would help as well...

    All the best Brett :)
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