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Hey Guys
I have a problem with GTA-IV when i launch the game it shows an error "Could not run GTA-IV.exe" i install it twice to over come the error it gives the same this error was shown after I reinstall my window (WIN-7,64Bit) it was the same window i install earlier
help me
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  1. You need to run it using LaunchGTAIV.exe, not GTAIV.exe.
  2. Same problem through LaunchGTAIV.exe
  3. Did you try downloading the steam version?
  4. no But it running perfectly on my early window and it was the same again
  5. Now the game runs with playable fps 30-40
    But every time it stop running after some time after 10-15min with an {error resc10 }
    I read that it was due to insufficient video memory But in game menu it shows Resource 261/1024mb It means it is enough memory for the game As my gpu is 1GB..

    Can anyone help me ........
  6. What is your GPU?Patch the game to the latest version ie v1.0.7.0.Try using MSI Afterburner to monitor your in-game GPU Memory usage if you are not worried about the warranty of your GPU.:) Hope this helps.
  7. actually im gaming on a laptop core i3 4gb+ 1Gb radeon 7450m
    I know it is not so powerfull card but the game runs with playable fps the problem is that error is this patch can solve that error?????
  8. I think it can. You have nothing to lose in trying.
  9. patch will not work don,t try it
  10. Sunius said:
    You need to run it using LaunchGTAIV.exe, not GTAIV.exe.

    там не снимут деньги?
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